Company - Monolì

The youthful desire to act. The dynamism of those determined to achieve their goals.
To produce a quality extra virgin olive oil. Quality that can be preserved over time, thanks to the ingenuity of those who love to see the fruits of their labours develop and grow.

We know where and how our extra virgin olive oil begins its life. We know Tavoliere delle Puglie, the land of its origins: we come from there. This is how we can be certain that it's truly 100% italian.

We have researched, tested and proposed a new method of bringing you oil, changing the traditional concept of packaging. The benefits of this proposal lie in its practicality, respect for the environment and uncompromised quality.
Monolí knows how to meet your needs. Day-to-day. Wherever you are.

Our strength lies in our collaboration with ENOAGRIMM, and our close relationship with the olive farmers.
Monolí originates in the fields that provide us with olives; just 12 hours pass between harvesting and pressing.

Its authenticity and our pride in the quality of Monolí drives us to sell a top-quality product at a very competitive price. Extraordinary.